The Battle of Lexington

The American Revolutionary War was an act of rebellion on behalf of British colonies in America against the British government.  Following events such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolutionary War began with a battle called the Battle of Lexington.  For quite some time Boston and surrounding areas were home to a high number of British troops lead by Thomas Gage and the tension between British troops and the colonists was building.

The Battle of Lexington was a military conflict that arose on April 19, 1775 in a number of towns, including Lexington, Concord, Lincoln and what is today Arlington.   Also affected was the town of Cambridge, near Boston Massachusetts.  At that time the battle was between the 13 American colonies which were considered part of British North America while the opposition was the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The first part of the battle started when around 700 British troops were ordered by General Thomas Gage to destroy military supplies that were set aside by the Massachusetts Militia in Concord, in an attempt to cripple the colonies' military might and leave them open and unable to defend themselves from an attack of the British.

Thankfully for the British colonies they had received word several weeks earlier about this planned attack and had already moved the military supplies to another location without the knowledge of the British troops.  When the actual attack took place in the early hours of the morning, the Massachusetts Militia found themselves to be significantly outnumbered by British troops when attacked at Lexington.  The militia had expected the attack to occur several hours earlier and only about 70 minutemen were left in Lexington when the British troops arrived. Minutemen were troops specially selected from various colonies.  They were usually men aged 25 years or younger and were in good shape physically and able to jump into battle with only one minute's notice, which is obviously how they received their name.  In the confusion of the arrival of the minutemen and the British troops along with many spectators, to this day no one knows who took the first shot.  Because it was not intended by either side to kill anyone, both sides had been told to hold their fire.

The entire plan of the British was to avoid military conflict by destroying the ability of the militia to fight back, however this did not happen as planned.  Because the colonists had knowledge of the plans of the British well before they took place, arrangements had been made for much of the military supplies to be distributed throughout the colonies.  One of the main objectives of the battle, which also failed, was the capture of Samuel Adams and John Hancock, who were thought to be the two men who most notably lead the rebellion against the British and fought for a separate and free America.  You might be familiar with both men as they went on to to do great things to further the cause and establish the United States of America. There is speculation that the secrecy of the battle was compromised by none other than Margaret Gage, who was the wife of General Gage since she was born in New Jersey and had ties with some of the colonists.
The Battle of Lexington did unfortunately have some casualties including: John Brown, Samuel Hadley, Caleb Harrington, Jonathon Harrington, Robert Munroe, Isaac Muzzey, Asahel Porter, and Jonas Parker.

The Battle of Lexington was just one battle in a line of events that comprised the Revolutionary War and led the way to a free United States of America.