Revolutionary War Antiques

Continental Army uniformOver the past two centuries, historians have studied every aspect of the Revolutionary War. Every battle, every document, and every personality has been analyzed time and time again. This brief period in American history has shaped the nation like no other.

Our site celebrates the moments that defined the American Revolution. We invite you to see actual letters sent from founding fathers, newspapers reporting triumphant news, and weapons from the field of battle. Whether you have a big or small budget, there is something here for every collector.

While the Civil War Antiques market has exploded in value over recent years, Revolutionary War collectibles have remained undervalued. The current pricing of Revolutionary War artifacts along with the American Revolution's place in history makes these antiques a market with unbelievable potential.

Collecting Revolutionary War Weapons

Revolutionary War Musket

Unlike antiques from more recent wars, Revolutionary War artifacts are extremely limited in supply. There are much fewer original flags, maps, and uniform buttons than you will find from other recent eras. As a result, collectors will often find items in less pristine shape and will pay a premium for well-preserved memorabilia. As with collectibles from other wars, Revolutionary War weapons continue to maintain strong demand. Original muskets, pistols, ammunition, and other antiques from the battlefield are difficult to find and often priced accordingly. Many of these weapons are locked into private collections and rarely become available.

Swords and sabres have also proven to be popular Revolutionary War weapons. They were not only key elements of American Revolution battles, but they make fantastic display items today. They remain very popular with memorabilia collectors and currently sell for thousands of dollars.

Popular Revolutionary War Collectibles

In addition to weapons from the American Revolution, there are other types of Revolutionary War memorabilia that have shown considerable appreciation. Early American signatures, such as ones from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams still hold considerable value and are always in high demand. These signatures are even more valuable when appearing on official documents from the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War uniforms have also been popular with memorabilia collectors. While it is quite difficult to find a complete Continental Army uniform on the market, parts of a uniform are always available. Buttons, buckles, coats, and hats are all readily available and can be fun to collect.

Replica Uniforms and Weapons

Many Revolutionary War enthusiasts participate in reenactments from key American Revolution battles.  Whether you need to complete your authentic look with a replica uniform or need a realistic Revolutionary War sword for a themed event, our replica uniforms and weapons should help you pull off the look you are looking for.