Revolutionary War Weapons

A constant challenge facing the Continental Army was the ability to keep its soldiers armed with weapons and sufficient ammunition. Several types of weapons were used throughout the Revolutionary War.

Muskets - long-barreled muskets were the weapon of choice by infantry soldiers from both the British and Continental armies. Many muskets were fitted with a bayonet, which allowed soldiers an additional attack method in close combat without expending additional ammunition. Muskets used by the continental army were large caliber (.62 to .80) and heavy (eight to twelve pounds).
Revolutionary War Musket

Swords and Axes
- Both swords and Tomahawk axes were used throughout the revolution as a secondary weapon. Sabres were large, curved swords used by generals and other officers to provide direction during battle.  Swords from the American Revolution remain a popular artifact with collectors.

Pistols - The flintlock pistol was sometimes used as a secondary weapon. Pistols during the Revolutionary War era were quite inaccurate.

Though these are the most popular Revolutionary War weapons among collectors, larger weapons (such as cannons) were also key to the American cause.

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