Revolutionary War Maps

A popular Revolutionary War collectible that makes a great display item are American Revolution Maps. Maps from the Revolutionary War show a world as early American patriots saw it. These maps display major towns and cities of late 18th-century America and offer an excellent visual depiction of the importance of well-known Revolutionary War battles. They are also considerably less expensive than many other types of Revolutionary War memorabilia.

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Revolutionary War maps are an excellent collectible and once framed can really help to tie your overall collection together. Replica maps also make a great choice for beginners as they are quite affordable (usually under $25) and often carry an authentic look.

Replica Maps from the American Revolution

TRevolutionary War Maps bookhere are a number of nicely produced replica maps available on eBay.  Whether you are looking for the Battle of Trenton or where General Washington crossed the Delaware River, you can probably find a replica map there to hang in your office.

There are also a few books that feature a series of Revolutionary War maps, which are great for American Revolution buffs. 

One good book written for younger minds is The Revolutionary War (North American Historical Atlases).  Recommended for fourth graders and older, you'll find full-color historical maps.