Revolutionary War Letters and Documents

Revolutionary War Documents are among the most coveted antiques from the American Revolution. Certificates, receipts, and other official signed documents allow collectors to capture and relive a single moment in the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War Letters provide us with a personal look at key figures as they communicated with families and fellow countrymen throughout the American Revolution. These letters give collectors a feel for the types of adversity faced by patriots and how they dealt with it. Correspondence between early Americans, such as those letters sent between John and Abigail Adams, are studied closely by historians and have been used as a central source for providing context to some of America's most significant moments.

Official government documents can also provide increased value to an autograph. A signature on a receipt or deed can represent not only a moment of that individual's historic life, but can also reflect the significance of that signature at that point in time. This can be particularly valuable with a Revolutionary War document.

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The American Revolutionary War was a turning point in the life of the United States of America.  It helped to pave the way to developing the U.S. into the great country that it is today.  During the time of the American Revolutionary War, there was great unrest among the colonies in their quest to be free from the government in the old country.  During this time a number of documents were crafted that helped to form the country and establish it as an independent nation. 

Among the famous revolutionary war documents, the Declaration of Independence is perhaps the most famous.  At the time, the British colonies which settled in the United States needed a document that would state their intentions for this new nation and the declare their freedom from the British Parliament and to protect their rights and freedoms as individuals.  Among the famous signers of the Declaration of Independence are such historical figures as John Hancock, John Adams, Samuel Adams and Benjamin Franklin to name just a few.

Other famous Revolutionary War Documents include the First Amendment and the other amendments that followed the American Revolutionary War as well as the Bill of Rights.  These documents have incredible historical significance since they were the documents that founded the nation and set forth what the Government could and could not do, which was integral in building the United States into a free country.  These freedoms included the freedom to own land, to practice any religion and to be able to speak your mind freely, without government intervention.

Today, with so much happening in the and around the United States, so much focus has been placed on these documents and how to interpret them today through the lens of a changing world and they are a major subject of controversy among conservative and liberal political leaders.