Revolutionary War Antiques Site Map

  • Antique Collecting Guide
    Guide for Revolutionary War Artifacts collectors. Find tips and resources for building and displaying an impressive Revolutionary War collection.
  •  Preserving Old Documents
    How to preserve and protect old documents and letters. Keep your American Revolution letters and documents safe from the elements.
  •  Recommended Books
    Recommended books on Revolutionary War collectibles. These books make excellent reference guides on nearly any type of antique from the Revolutionary War era.
  •  Tips for Buying Autographs
    Helpful hints for avoiding forgeries and purchasing authentic Revolutionary War Autographs.
  • Revolutionary War History
    Learn more about the defining events, moments, and figures of the American Revolution. This Revolutionary War timeline summarizes the key Revolutionary War battles.
  •  Continental Army Uniforms
    History of the Revolutionary War uniform worn by the Continental Army. Find the origins of the American military uniform.
  •  Revolutionary War Music
    Music was a valuable ally for American militias throughout the Revolutionary War. Here is a look at some of the prominent songs from the era.
  •  Major Newspapers
    Revolutionary War newspapers were an important part of the fabric of early America. Newspapers from this era were much different than the newspapers of today and are highly sought after by collectors.
  •  Weapons from the War
    In American Revolution battles, muskets, swords, cannons, and other weapons were crucial in both American and British victories. These Revolutionary War weapons are popular with collectors and can command considerable prices.
  •   Cannons
    Known as the Queens of the Battlefield (long before J. Edgar Hoover), cannons were prominently used during the Revolutionary War.
  •   Flintlock Musket
    Used as the primary weapon during the American Revolution, the flintlock musket is an important part of early American history.
  •   Flintlock Pistols
    Though inaccurate and generally considered unreliable, Revolutionary War pistols were used throughout the American Revolution as a personal weapon.
  •   Swords and Sabres
    A popular sidearm weapon with Revolutionary War officers and cavalry, swords remain a popular American Revolution artifact today.
  • About Us
    Welcome to Revolutionary War Antiques, a site for collectors of American Revolution memorabilia.

  • Store Pages
  • Currency
    Paper and coin currency from Revolutionary War-era America. Find the very first money to be used in the New Republic.
  • Famous Signatures
    Letters, documents, and other written collectibles signed by key figures of the American Revolution. Find signatures from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other founding fathers.
  • Flags
    The many flags of the American Revolution. Find the original Betsy Ross, Bunker Hill flag, and other recognizable flags from the Revolutionary War.
  • Furniture
    Antique furniture from the Revolutionary War era (1774-1783). Find antique furniture for sale from the American Revolution.
  • Letters and Documents
    Authentic letters and documents from Revolutionary War-era America. Find original correspondence from Founding Fathers and other American Patriots.
  • Maps
    Early American Maps - see the face of the New World as the early settlers and Founding Fathers saw it. Find antique American Revolution maps and high-quality replica maps.
  • Newspapers
    Original Revolutionary War newspapers from Colonial America - see the Revolution unfold through the eyes of early American Patriots.
  • Other Original Items
    Revolutionary War artifacts for sale. Find clothing, medical instruments, and other memorabilia from the American Revolution.
  • Uniforms
    Authentic Revolutionary War uniforms - including coats, hats, buttons, and other clothing items from the American Revolution.
  • Weapons
    Authentic and replica Revolutionary War weapons - find muskets, bullets, swords, knives, and bayonets from the American Revolution.