Revolutionary War Replica Weapons

Looking to complete your Revolutionary War soldier look? Check out our listings of replica muskets, flintlock pistols, swords, axes, and other popular American Revolution replica weapons. These weapons are perfect for reenactment celebrations, themed parties, or as display items in your home. See what original Revolutionary War weapons looked like for a fraction of the price.

Revolutionary War Sword

Replica Swords

The Bunker Hill Sword (shown here) is a nice affordable replica. It is a 30" replica with a 24" carbon steel blade, brass hand guard and pommel. It includes a leather scabbard with brass fittings.
Revolutionary War Hangar
American Revolutionary War Hanger - fully tempered, high carbon steel blade has a distal taper, with fullers on both sides along the spine. The hilt fittings are cast in solid steel, matching the locket and chape of the leather-covered scabbard. Overall length is 31", Blade length: 24 5/8", Weight: 1lb 14 oz. Manufactured by CAS Hanwei, maker of swords and historic replica weaponry.

Replica Muskets

Brown Bess

The 1700's Brown Bess Revolutionary War flintlock musket is a full size (non-firing) replica of the classic Brown Bess musket. The Brown Bess was a British rifle commonly used by both sides throughout the American Revolution.  This replica is constructed from wood and metal. It does have working action - the hammer cocks back, and pulling trigger releases hammer. It is a non-firing replica. The overall length with bayonet is approximately 75 inches.

Kentucky flintlock musketThe Kentucky Flintlock Rifle is a smaller 1700's Revolutionary War Flintlock Musket Replica. At about 45 inches long, it is a full-size non-firing replica of the Kentucky flintlock musket.

The French 1763 Flintlock Musket is another non-firing replica of the popular flintlock musket. This rifle is 72 inches long, has a removable bayonet, and hammer action. A beautiful replica.  This particular model most frequently surfaces on eBay.