Revolutionary War Pistols

The soldiers involved in the Revolutionary War life depended heavily on the weapons that they carried. The main weapons that were used in this war were muzzle-loading rifles, and the pistols that had bayonets attached to them. Unfortunately a variety of Revolutionary War weapons were in very short supply. Because of this, many of the soldiers would bring their own Revolutionary War pistols and various other items from their own homes, to use them to fight with. It was also up to them to provide and carry other necessary items that were used - such as cartridge boxes, shot molds, and tinder lighters.

The shots that rang out from a soldier’s pistol was quite inefficient. Even those soldiers that were known as being great with a pistol were still limited to 2 or 3 rounds per minute. This was largely due to the fact that each soldier would have to individually load each shell that went into the pistol or musket. Even after the ammunition was loaded into their weapons, they would often not be able to hit their targets as hoped. The accuracy of these guns was terrible, even in historical context. When they had shots that ranged from 15 feet or less, they were a little more accurate.

Flintlock pistols from the Revolutionary War were used primarily for personal purposes. That said, many of the officers and men of higher stature would often carry pistols. Pistols were also used as a dueling weapon during early American History. Duels relied on the inaccuracy of these flintlock pistols for survival of both participants.