Revolutionary War Cannons

Sometimes known as The Queen of the Battlefield, cannons were a critical weapon used in the American Revolution. At times that the enemies would be using their cannons and the infantry were not supported with them, the infantry normally would lose the battle. There were many times that the British units did not have any Militia units that would stand up against them. This was simply because they rarely would have any cannons of their own that they could use.

The smooth-bores or Muzzle loading cannons were quite a bit smaller than the cannons that were used in wars later on down the line, and they had guns that only weighed anywhere between 3 and 6 pounds.

The cannons that were used did not always fire solid cannon balls either. Sometimes the cannons would use shells that were known as grape shot, and they used a hollow iron ball that would be filled with black powder, and then they were fitted with a fuse. At times, they also would use various small shots.

The range that the cannon could reach was generally several hundred yards, making it a highly effective Revolutionary War weapon. Even shot at this range the cannons could many times do a tremendous amount of damage simply because of the war being fought in the wide open, and while they were in formation. Reaching as much as 800 yards, and with a solid shot was the 3 pound gun sometimes used on the cannon. At maximum range, the grape shot could reach somewhere around 200 yards. When the target was at a much closer range, at those times, it could even totally destroy an entire company of the unitís enemy. This could occur when the cannon was completely loaded with shot.

Revolutionary War Cannon